Whatever Happened to Holiness? - CD


Whatever Happened to Holiness? - CD


In a blunt and fact-filled study, Doug profiles the contemporary culture, specifically, the culture of the church itself. He contrasts the views of mainstream culture with those of evangelicals and the born-again sector. He shows how radically different the views of atheists, the non-religious and those holding non-Christian world views are when contrasted with Biblical Christians. The implications are chilling for our children and grandchildren, if we do not have a great awakening. The details of the study are breathtaking – hard to believe. Holiness as a concept has disappeared, even in the church. It is misunderstood and caricatured. It is dismissed as antiquated. It doesn’t fit well with a hip-hop God or seeker-sensitive evangelicals. Layering a call to righteousness with contemporary data on the state of the church, this is a compelling message. It is a wake-up call to the church.


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