Visions of Zechariah - Volume 4 of 4 - CD


Visions of Zechariah - Volume 4 of 4 - CD


“Not by might, nor by power!” that is the message to Zechariah. The Temple can’t be completed by human effort. Christ himself is the completion stone – and when they bring the stone, they cry “Grace!” So do we – he completes us. The process also takes anointed leadership – leadership that is pure. Here, Joshua is pictured with garments splattered with dung. Satan is at his right hand. God’s gracious intervention commands a change of raiment – and then Joshua’s filthy garments are taken away, Satan is dismissed. Here is the power of purity. It gives no place to the devil. Leaders that are holy and dependent on the Spirit are the key to the renewal. In the hand of the leaders is a plummet with eyes – a symbol of the supernatural tools needed to do supernatural work. The flying scroll is a picture of the Word going forth in power, when Christ is again central, leaders are pure and empowered. The Word goes into the homes of the lawless. It cannot be stopped. This incredible series is one of Doug’s favorites.


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