Visions of Zechariah - Volume 2 of 4 - CD


Visions of Zechariah - Volume 2 of 4 - CD


These series of messages from the visions of Zechariah focuses on the first and last visions – angels coming and going, and then on visions two and seven. The visions are the inverse one of another – the ministry of angels and the entrenched ministry of evil depicted as horns and personified as wickedness. Doug goes into great detail to provide an overview of the ministry of angels and the spiritual warfare in which we find ourselves. In vision one, the angels are coming in. They have been throughout the earth on their mission of surveillance. In vision eight, they are going out – headed to the north, the seat of the evil. Something has happened in the intervening visions to prompt a change in the angelic activity. In vision two, the horns represent the power points by which Satan discharges his evil energy into the earth. The horns scatter and divide. But the carpenters, builders, come to break off the horns. Little building can be done in many places until there is a shift in spiritual power. In vision seven, wickedness is stuffed into a barrel and exiled to Babylon. Israel, had gone to Babylon earlier because of her wickedness – now she will separate herself. She will stay in the sanctified land, wickedness will be exiled. The ministry of angels. The power tactics of the Evil One. The exile of evil – and the victory that comes.


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