Visions of Zechariah - Volume 1 of 4 - CD


Visions of Zechariah - Volume 1 of 4 - CD


The visions of Zechariah – angels coming and going, horns rising up to scatter, wickedness placed in a barrel and exiled to Babylon, carpenters coming to rebuild Jerusalem, the Word of God as a flying scroll pursuing the wicked, the priest purified and then leadership empowered. And in the middle, a stone with eyes and a miraculous branch that grows out of a dead stump. Wow! These visions are a template for the renewal of the nation. The stone and the branch point to Jesus, the center of all renewal. Around him, leadership that is both pure and dependent on supernatural anointing must emerge. The horns of evil will be broken by edifying carpenters, and wickedness will be exiled. Jerusalem will be inhabited again – it will overflow with people. The “word” will be loosed in the land. Here are encoded clues for spiritual renewal hidden in the fascinating imagery of Zechariah’s vision.


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