Principles of Worship - DVD


Principles of Worship - DVD


Doug takes the viewer on a tour of the Tabernacle of Moses – the court, the holy place, the most holy place. He describes the purpose of each piece of furniture – the altar, the laver, the golden table, the lamp stand, the golden altar, the Ark of the Covenant. Here you find the blood, the water, the bread, the oil, the incense and the glory! This is a template for prayer. A study that goes beyond a mere review of details, this study is rich with spiritual insights. This is one of Doug’s best! Doug uses the tabernacle as a guide for prayer. Beginning with the gate, and thanksgiving, he shows how the entire tabernacle is a pathway into the presence of God – the altar and the redemption, the laver and sanctification, the table and the Word, the lamp stand and the Spirit, the altar of incense and the power of prayer, the Ark of the Covenant – the mystery of Jesus. He uses the five basic offerings of the tabernacle – the sin and trespass offering, the burnt offering, the grain offering, and the peace offering – as a template for prayer. Old Testament? This is actually the outline for the book of Romans! And it becomes a powerful model for personal prayer.

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