The Prayer Closet - Digital Book

The Prayer Closet - Digital Book


Doug was featured in the promotion for the movie, War Room, and in the post-movie Bible study series, The Battle Plan for Prayer, featuring the Kendrick Brothers. He was inspired to share his own knowledge of the importance of Prayer Closets.

In some Jewish synagogues you find these word inscribed on the wall, “a prayer without the heart, is like a body without a soul.” That is a good line to remember for the wall of any prayer room. What we seek is more than a place, more than mere words or even a disciplined, noble routine. It is more than the fact that we pray daily or the function of prayer and its benefits – it is relationship that, to be transforming, has be centered in the heart. Prayer is not something we do, it is someone we are with. And that needs a place!

Table of Contents

  • An Issue of Value: A Place for Prayer
  • Drawn by God’s Love: Using Your Prayer Room
  • An Idea of Jesus: The Prayer Closet
  • Praying Right: Beyond the Pharisee and the Publican
  • Breakin’ the ‘Me’ Barrier: A Balanced Framework
  • Jesus – On Prayer: The Public and the Private
  • Tabernacle Prayer: A Model
  • The Prayer Model Jesus Gave Us
  • Thin Places: Not the Place, It’s the Person
  • Creating Invisible Altars
  • The Power of Incense: Perfuming the Town
  • The First Prayer Room: Back to the Garden
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