The Home and the Church: Partners in Prayer

The Home and the Church: Partners in Prayer


Pew ownership is an old idea, dating back for centuries. Today, it is foreign to our thinking. “That is my pew, and you’re sitting in it, is not a welcome any visitor wants to hear.” But a few hundred years ago, families rented pew space to assure that they had a seat for church on Sunday morning! Whole families attended church, sat and worshiped together. They then went home and often discussed the sermon over Sunday dinner. That was normal. Today, it is rare for whole families to attend church and even rarer for them to sit together. Perhaps, rarer yet, for them to discuss the sermon in an edifying way, indeed, that might be a miracle.

Learn how to prepare your family for church; how to make the most of your church experience; the importance of discipleship at home; the benefits of daily family prayer; valuing the unique prayer perspective of a child; and the power of the fathers faith.

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