The 7 Spiritual Gifts of Romans, Part 4


An incredible series! The “motivational gifts” in  Romans 12 are the forgotten spiritual gifts. Each individual has them! Everyone! These native gifts are to be dedicated to God, “Present your body as a living sacrifice!” Why? God designed these gifts as delivery systems for His grace. The real gift is never just the principles offered by the teacher, but the grace in those principles. Likewise, the gift is not in the giving of the giver, it is God’s grace in the act of giving itself. More-so, these motivational gifts have limits. Mercy can love, but mercy cannot heal. These gifts will only take us so far – then mercy hits a wall, and leadership is puzzled, and giving is out of resources. That is when the motivational gifts interface with the manifestation gifts of Corinthians 12. Standing at the bedside of a sick loved one, mercy gives way to gift of healing. Standing at a crossroad, leadership is endowed with the gift of wisdom. Out of resources, giving is given a miracle provision.