Singing in the Face of Fury - CD


Singing in the Face of Fury - CD


A contextual study in the Revelation! In chapters three and four, Jesus addresses the seven churches of Asia Minor. Among them, only two are not condemned. At the end of the address to the church, Jesus is outside knocking, seeking admittance. In chapter one, He was in the midst of the candlesticks – in the midst of the church. Now He is outside and the condition of the church is appalling – having left its first love, it is doctrinally compromised, it is morally compromised, it is dead . . . it is worse than dead, it is lukewarm. Intoxicated on riches, it is poor and blind. In Chapter six, the seals are opened and the Anti-Christ goes forth followed by war, famine, disease and the death of innocents. Here is ecclesiastical mayhem and political anarchy against godlessness. However, in the middle, in chapters five and six, instead of finding Heaven in a panic, we find it singing. Doug takes us through the five songs and suggests that when the church seems to be failing and the geo-political climate becoming more and more godless, we need to join Heaven’s song.


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