Prayer and The Presence

Prayer and The Presence



Consider this. So much of our praying is ‘God help me!’ praying. And if we are in ministry, it is often ‘God use me!’ praying for effectiveness. Both are legitimate, but neither as the first movement in prayer. The primary position we must take in prayer is not one of acquisition or intercession even for noble needs, rather, it is relational. Faith is not the primary connection; it is actually a subordinate connection, dependent on something else, and that something else is love. Not our love, but God’s love. God’s love is what empowers our faith. Love is God’s part, faith is its response. Love is God reaching to us, faith is our reaching back. Love initiates, faith responds. Faith does not move an indifferent God, it is awakened and empowered by the belief in and experience of a loving God.

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