Miracles of Acts - CD

Miracles of Acts - CD


The first five chapters of Acts are full of miracles. The Church comes out of the Upper Room blazing. The Holy Spirit empowers them and captures a city. There is wind and fire, the healing of the lame man, the power of the spirit in the streets, miracles by the hands of the apostles. But, there is also another steam of the miraculous that is less noticeable – it is the stream of character and grace. In the midst of the obvious miracles, the miracle of transformed lives and a new community characterized by love and grace – that is also supernatural. If the new believers had only evidenced supernatural signs without supernatural, Christ-like character, the fire would been in vain. The greater miracle was that of changed lives. We are today emphasizing “the miraculous” – signs and wonders, without adequate attention to the miracle of Christians living together in great grace. The result is that people are attracted to fire and find no fruit. Such a one-sided view of the miraculous is not the picture presented in the early chapters of Acts.


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