Millennials: The Young Adult Harvest That We Dare Not Miss


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Recapturing the Generation that Checked Out of Church

A Primer and Discussion Guide – A dialogue guide between church leaders and their Millennials. A dialogue guide for congregations without any Millennials.

This is a book designed for the local church which seriously desires to develop Jesus relationships with Millennials. Doug shares from his experiences the type of church most Millennials desire – current and forthright with a heart for reaching those who have checked out of church. Keep this book right next to your Bible. Write in its margins and search the scriptures referenced within this work. Use the resources at the back of the book to assist in your journey. It is time we revitalize our declining churches in North America. This book is for such a time as this.
Dr. Tom Cheyney
Founder and Directional Leader
Renovate National Church Revitalization Conference
The Renovate Group

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