Hannah: Intimacy Through Adversity - DVD


Hannah: Intimacy Through Adversity - DVD


Hannah was no powerful and influential figure. Barren, her husband brought home another woman and Hannah suffered miserably from the depression and conflict. In the loneliness of her own rejection, she turned to God and He gave her a son. The insights she gained by her experience are rare. The perseverance in prayer is a template for all of us. Her son, Samuel, changed the moral thermostat of the nation and forged twelve independent tribes into a nation. He anointed a young shepherd to be the King– David. David’s son Solomon built the glorious temple that attracted the glory of God. No King David, no Solomon, no temple, no glorious Kingdom. No Samuel – no King David. No Hannah – no Samuel. David’s theology is Samuel’s theology. And Samuel’s theology is Hannah’s theology birthed in prayer. One lonely housewife, and on the back of her prayer life, the whole nation pivoted.

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