Handbook - Volume IV - Bonus Chapters


This is the Bonus Chapter Download which accompanies The Praying Church Handbook – Volume IV in place of the Disc. This compressed folder includes:

Section Four – Bonus Chapters (Digital)
28. The Presidents and Prayer – Part I
29. The Presidents and Prayer – Part II
30. The Three Great Contemporary Enemies of Prayer
31. How the Brain is Affected by Prayer
32. The Brain-Mind Potential
33. The Prayer Movement: 24-7-365
34. The Prayer and Crisis Referral Network
35. The Prayer Center
36. The Tower We Must Build and the Battle We Must Fight
37. Beyond the Tower and the Battle
38. Church Planting and Prayer
39. The Pastor – Shepherd and Watcher of the Flock

Section Five – Lament (Digital)
40. Lament as Prayer
41. The Lament Psalms – Finding a Theological Trajectory
42. The Lament Psalms – Restoring Order
43. The Nature and Character of Lament
44. Lament in the New Testament
45. Lament in the New Testament – Answered with Resurrection
46. Modern Western Resistance to Lament
47. Intercessory Lament
48. Breaking the Silence