Praying Church Handbook - Volume 3 - The Pastor and the Congregation

Praying Church Handbook - Volume 3 - The Pastor and the Congregation


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This handbook is a collection of substantive reflections on prayer. Contributors include global and national leaders, as well as Church of God authors, leaders and intercessors. The completed set includes 4 volumes.

The chapters are sprinkled with prayer quotes, and interjected with prayer vignettes. Each chapter is introduced with an historic note or prayer story. The books are contemporary, relevant, addressing cutting edge issues – contextualizing prayer, prophetic and priestly intercession, spiritual mapping, unreached peoples and prayer, a history of prayer including a special focus on the family and prayer, fathers and prayer.

Included is a download with Chapters 22-39 as a digital book and in pdf format.

Volume III Table of Contents:

Section One – Introduction
1. Prayer – The Gateway to Blessing
2. God’s Spoken Blessing Over Man
3. The Purpose of God’s Blessing
4. Moving Beyond Blessing to Favor
5. Where is the Favor? The Problem of Shame

Section Two – The Pastor and His Prayer Life
6. The Praying Pastor
7. Trained to Pray
8. Encountered – While Walking Away
9. Dreaming of a New Day in Pastoral Leadership
10. Evidence of Prayer as a Value: Time = Commitment

Section Three – The Church as a House of Prayer
11. In Search of a Pentecostal Liturgy
12. The Table – Altar
13. The Case for Corporate Prayer
14. The Church Around the Altar – Table
15. Shallow Contemporary Worship
16. Worship Sounds and Sights – Awe and the Presence
17. Practices of Praying Churches
18. Prayer in the Corporate Worship Service
19. Benefits of Praying Together
20. Managing Prayer Requests
21. The Seven Features of Corporate Prayer

Section Four – Bonus Chapters (Digital)
22. Recovering a Passion for Personal Prayer – Part I
23. Recovering a Passion for Personal Prayer – Part II
24. Beauty and Art
25. Engaging Pastors and Churches

Section Five – Historical Perspectives (Digital)
26. The First Centuries to the Reformation
27. The Post-Reformation Era
28. From Europe to North America
29. The Awakening and Era of Enlightenment
30. The Founders
31. The 1800s – The Camp Meeting
32. The War Inside the Church
33. Uncle Tom and Dred Scott
34. Grace Before the Storm
35. The War Between the States
36. The Late 1800s
37. The Century of Optimism
38. The Early 20th Century
39. The Pentecostal Church Explodes

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