Handbook - Volume III - Bonus Chapters


This is the Bonus Chapter Download which accompanies The Praying Church Handbook – Volume III in place of the Disc. This compressed folder includes:

Section Four – Bonus Chapters (Digital)
22. Recovering a Passion for Personal Prayer – Part I
23. Recovering a Passion for Personal Prayer – Part II
24. Beauty and Art
25. Engaging Pastors and Churches

Section Five – Historical Perspectives (Digital)
26. The First Centuries to the Reformation
27. The Post-Reformation Era
28. From Europe to North America
29. The Awakening and Era of Enlightenment
30. The Founders
31. The 1800s – The Camp Meeting
32. The War Inside the Church
33. Uncle Tom and Dred Scott
34. Grace Before the Storm
35. The War Between the States
36. The Late 1800s
37. The Century of Optimism
38. The Early 20th Century
39. The Pentecostal Church Explodes