Fear of God & Lament (Black Friday Extended)


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Fear of God – Watch this synopsis video

Reconsidering Our Perspective of God with Spiritual Awakening in View

The call in Scripture for our ‘reverence’ or fear of God is more frequent than the call to ‘love God.’ Without the fear of God, we are blinded by our own shadow, seeing little difference between mortals and the immortal. The more we reverence God, the higher self-worth and self-esteem rise without becoming self-centered, or being blinded by pride and arrogance. Nobility emerges. We see ourselves as God’s children, reflecting His image.


Lament – Watch this synopsis video

Why isn’t the church weeping?

Lament is raw honest prayer. A century ago, perhaps as recently as fifty years ago, travail was as common in Pentecostal congregations as were corporate prayer sessions. There were times in which an entire congregation tarried before God in prayer and wept. In such a season, groaning in the Spirit still was a common practice.

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