Door of Hope in the Valley of Trouble - CD

Door of Hope in the Valley of Trouble - CD


This is a message on how God changes a nation! Out of the book of Hosea, the prophet’s life is one of heart-ache. His wife is unfaithful and his marriage is crumbling at the same time the nation of Israel is defecting from its faith in God. The story becomes a metaphor for God’s relationship with Israel with you and me, and by inference, God’s relationship with America. A divorce is imminent – and then God changes his mind. He will not let Israel go. He will hedge up her way. He will wall her in. He will draw her back to himself, and then into the Valley of Achor, the Valley of Trouble. There God will provide a door of hope. Israel will sing again. And in the valley, the relationship will blossom and deepen. This is a powerful message for the Church and a call to national renewal.


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