City Prayer Movement Resources - Book and Media Set

City Prayer Movement Resources - Book and Media Set



  • The book Launching Community Prayer Movements in ebook and pdf format.
  • 3 Power Point Files
  • 14 pdf files on city prayer, spiritual mapping, solemn assemblies, repentance
  • 4 white papers on how to pray for America

The Prayer-Connect Community Leadership Network (PC2LN) is a grassroots group of community prayer leaders who connect, envision, resource and mobilize prayer for a definitive geographic area (town or city).

Currently denominations and national prayer organizations issue prayer challenges for special times with a specific emphasis, many of which are wonderfully resourced, but narrowly adopted in the context of that given stream. Many local prayer leaders are advocates for one particular prayer ministry. A particular prayer emphasis often mobilizes different sectors of churches in the community, but not the whole Christian community.

A greater level of collaboration and unity is needed to accomplish greater mobilization, a seamless community-by community saturated prayer effort that allows for deeper cultural penetration and broader mobilization must occur. PC2LN is that vehicle. The idea is an effort that is initially envisioned and resourced ‘nationally’, but owned and driven ‘locally’. While synergizing vision and resources are often national, the flashpoint of revival and the place of imaginative adaptation are local.

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