Christ's Radical Gospel - DVD


Christ's Radical Gospel - DVD


In this extraordinary message, Doug takes the believer on a journey between love and truth. So much of the church today leans to one or the other. Some silence truth when it appears to be unloving or convicting. Others speak truth that isn’t tempered with love. Doug makes a case that the gospel is neither love nor truth, but both bound eternally together. The greatest truth is the love of God. And yet, love without truth is no love at all, only a wrapping for a lie. Love affirms, but truth sets us free. The cross was about God’s love, and yet simultaneously about the truth of sin. When God found sin . . . not in . . . but on His Son, He judged it. An effective church cannot preach love without truth, or truth without love. Nor can it substitute tolerance for love or legalism for truth. It must embrace the radical extremes of unconditional love and transforming truth.

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