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Practical Prayer Resource Sets

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For a limited time, purchase the newly released PRAYER – The Heart of It All book and study guide or The Great Exchange book and study guide set for 25% off!

PRAYER – The Heart of It All

This teaching discusses prayer fundamentals; the four critical elements: at-home daily prayer, the church at prayer, intercessory prayer and prayer evangelism; and how to apply each of these to create a great awakening in yourself, your church, your sphere influence and the world. Purchase today>

The Great Exchange – Why Your Prayer Requests May Not Be Getting Answers

The lack of answers to our prayers is not because God no longer answers or does not want to help. It is often an issue on our side – some hindrance to prayer, blockages in our own heart. In such moments, no one is more disappointed than God. He wants to help us, to deliver, to answer. Prayer works, because God works. It is effective, because its hope is in Him and His action. But it also demands changes in us. There are prerequisites to answered prayer. Learn practical steps to answered pray! Purchase today>

Each set comes with a copy of the book and the companion study guide. The study guide can be used for personal reflection or group discussion.

Dig even deeper by purchasing a Resource Kit for group leaders. Includes Teaching Guide in PDF format, video sessions and power point. Link to these products:

PRAYER – The Heart of It All – Resource Kit>

The Great Exchange – Resource Kit>

Limited time offer.

The Prayer Closet

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Do you seek more than a disciplined, noble prayer routine, more than a daily prayer or the function of prayer and its benefits? Transform your relationship with God, one that is centered in the heart. Prayer is not something we do, it is someone we are with. And that needs a place! Includes prayer models, suggestions for your prayer room and discussion questions for personal review or group discussion.

Purchase your copy today!

The newly revised edition is receiving accolades from the pastoral community:

Doug Small is a prolific writer and has a passion to inspire personal prayer. He personifies one of the most compelling, authoritative, and timely voices on prayer in the Church and culture—nationally and globally.
John Maempa, Former Director, Office of Prayer & Spiritual Care; General Council of the Assemblies of God

Doug Small has a heart and passion for prayer and unity. He has the ability to speak across denominational lines to the things that unite rather than the secondary things that can divide us.
Pastor Michael Catt, Lead Pastor
Sherwood Baptist, Albany, GA

Dr. Douglas Small is providing cutting edge leadership in specifically in Schools of Prayer and his Prayer Impact Sunday events. He is spearheading many national and international prayer initiatives that are impacting and networking the Church worldwide toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission.
Dr. James O. Davis, Cofounder/Billion Soul Network
President/Cutting Edge International; Greater Orlando, FL

This book is so simple, yet so profound. My personal prayer life and the corporate prayer life of our church has been challenged, enriched, and encouraged by this resource.
Jacob T. King, D.Min.
Senior Pastor, The Church at Liberty Square

As people become more dependent on technology and how they receive information, it has crippled their ability to accurately and patiently research God’s precepts which leads them to use worldly habits in seeking a Holy God. The Prayer Closet takes us by the hand to a step by step journey that transcends us from an ordinary life to His higher calling for us, to have a deeper, richer understanding of a relational prayer life that seeks to fall in love again and again.
Rev. David Vega, Mission Miami

If there is a quest in your heart for intimacy with God, and something deep within you cries for greater communion with the Father, you must read The Prayer Closet. Like iron filings drawn to a magnet, you will be drawn beyond the veil into the holy of holies – into the garden of God. Doug Small’s passion is contagious…he is a “keeper of the flame” and invites you to burn with him.
Jeff Farmer, President
Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches of North America

This is such an outstanding book! This volume is a true “hands on” and practical manual to help us engage in meaningful prayer, before His Throne of Grace. I so appreciate Doug’s insights, too, to help us move our hearts into a true “Kingdom alignment” as we prepare to seek our Father in our own closets of prayer. Thank You, Lord, for this wonderful resource for all of us who are “standing in the trenches” for You!
Sara Ballenger
Capitol Hill Prayer Partners

Sacred space. Maybe an actual closet. Maybe a recliner. Maybe a kneeling bench in the basement. The Prayer Closet book provides the “why” behind the power of a sacred prayer space as well as many biblical and practical ideas that can help you commune when you enter the Lord’s presence. If you’ve ever prayed, “Lord, teach me to pray” this book will help fulfill that heart-desire.
Phil Miglioratti
National Pastors Prayer Network

Newly Released Praying Church Handbook Volume III

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The Praying Church Handbook – Volume III – The Pastor and the Congregation was recently released by Alive Publications. This is the third volume in the 4-volume set of The Praying Church Handbook. This volume focuses on prayer in the church and the pastor’s relationship with prayer. Topics include: God’s blessing for man; the praying pastor; pastoral leadership; the case for corporate prayer; shallow contemporary worship; practices of praying churches; managing prayer requests and more. In addition, there is a disc included with the book that has 18 additional chapters in digital format. These chapters include: recovering a passion for prayer; engaging pastors and churches; and a complete illustration of the historical perspective of prayer throughout history.

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Alive Publications receives Book of the Year Award from CSPA

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Alive Publications is pleased to announce their acceptance of the Book of the Year Award for 2015 in the category of Bible Study/Theology by the Christian Small Publishers Association. The book awarded is The Praying Church Handbook – Volume II, Personal and Family Prayer.

Founded in 2008, Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year honors books produced by small publishers each year for outstanding contribution to Christian life. Books are nominated by the publishers and voting is open to Christian readers, retailers, and publishing professionals.

The Praying Church Handbook – Volume II, Personal and Family Prayer is a collection of substantive reflections on prayer. Topics include: intimacy with God; humility; prayer as presence; the Bible as a prayer book; fasting; prayer as a life skill; prayer in your family; salvation of your children, and the missional family.

Editor P. Douglas Small serves as the Coordinator of Prayer Ministries with the Church of God; and President and Founder of Alive Ministries: PROJECTPRAY. His desire is to serve congregations by assisting them in making prayer the heartbeat of the Church. He coaches churches of various denominations in the area of prayer ministries, offering Schools of Prayer and Prayer Impact weekends. He is the founder of the Praying Church Movement.

He has authored a number of books and studies on prayer, and other topics. He is a member of America’s Prayer Committee and serves as a member of the Denominational Prayer Leaders Network. He speaks to diverse groups on prayer and spiritual renewal. His passion is to see a Great Awakening come to this nation.

Other contributors to the volume include: Dr. Mark Williams, Joann Garzarella, Edgar R. Lee, Pastor Ron Auch, Pastor Carletta Douglas, Kathy Hamon, Dr. Bill Bright, Ester Calderon, Dr. Herbert Seals, Debbie Salter Goodwin, Pastor Mark Hisle, Pastor Ron and Margaret Lackey, and Susan E. Isaacs.

Learn more about the book>

Principles of Worship – Power Point Companion

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This Power Point presentation coincides with the teaching of Principles of Worship – A Study of the Tabernacle of Moses. Includes more than 300 slides with over 500 images. Great for a group study or diving deeper into prayer and worship as your own personal time with God. Examples of images in the document:


Prayer Trainer’s Network

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The purpose of this network is to enroll pastors and prayer leaders in a training process that expands their understanding of prayer, beyond acquisition; that raises the vision of prayer in both the personal and corporate spheres, the recovery of the family altar and the church prayer meeting; the mobilization of intercessors; and the adoption of prayer-evangelism focused on the harvest.

The modern prayer movement is relatively young. Most Bible colleges and seminaries do not yet offer training in the area of prayer leadership. We find most churches are struggling with even basic prayer concepts, with prayer organization and more. By identifying prayer trainers, who affirm the goals of the Praying Church Movement, and have a balanced and holistic approach to prayer, we can aid our churches immeasurably.

The goal is to identify credible teachers and trainers who can aid pastors and congregational prayer leaders.

As a Prayer Trainer you receive training and support materials for quarterly training events. The main resource currently available is the The Prayer Trainer’s Manual, Volume I, which includes:

  • Specific materials relative to the trainer and the training process.
  • A full day of Prayer Trainer curriculum, including DVD sessions, print-outs and learning measurements.
  • Learning Team materials originally produced for local congregations, six foundational sessions to understand the prayer effort in which the congregation is engaged.
  • Curriculum for the Prayer Leaders Continuing Education efforts: Brief Video training options, a leader and participant guide for each learning session, including discussion guides for each video vignette. The evening is divided into Training, Tool Time, and Talk-it-Over and Take-It-Home segments. More than a year of training material is included to aid the Prayer Trainer.

Become a Prayer Trainer today>

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Launching Community Prayer Movements

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In these pages, you will read the stories of people who often as the result of some jarring event that served as call to reality, concluded that their community would not change unless someone stepped forward to lead such change, and they often felt themselves the most unlikely person to lead such change.

In fact, their humility and need to depend on God became their greatest asset along with a teachable attitude. The characters here are fictitious, but represent a composite of real people across the nation who are wrestling with community issues, which can only be solved by a spiritual solution. Components of these stories arise from real-life incidents. Across the nation, an invisible army of prayerful, heart-driven change agents is rising.

The purpose of this book is to fan the flames of the movement, to offer ideas for those just beginning, and propose, a means to connect these grassroots prayer and impact movements.

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The Praying Church Handbook

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In the very first Church of God General Assembly, two prayer measures were set forth. First, that each family should have a ‘family altar,’ and second, that each church should have a weekly ‘prayer meeting.’

This denomination was born out of a prayer revival – the prayer pact of three men, beginning in 1884 until 1886, when they formed the Christian Union. Our early gatherings were marked by prayer. It was not unusual, in the middle of our prayer sessions, for business to halt – and for the entire council to go to prayer. Seamless prayer. Prayer that flavored and ran through every aspect of all they did.

The Praying Church Handbook, produced as a companion to the Church Prayer Leader’s Resource Guide is a collection of substantive reflections on prayer – foundations of prayer, prayer and the family as well as the church, intercessory prayer and prayer evangelism. It tackles the theology of prayer. Prayer and mission. Prayer and unreached peoples. Global and national leaders are contributors, as well as Church of God authors, leaders and intercessors. This has a wealth of information and will be, I hope, a great resource for years to come.

The chapters are sprinkled with prayer quotes, and interjected with prayer vignettes. Each chapter is introduced with an historic note or prayer story. The book is contemporary, relevant, addressing cutting edge issues – contextualizing prayer, prophetic and priestly intercession, spiritual mapping, unreached peoples and prayer, a history of prayer including a special focus on the family and prayer, fathers and prayer.

I am so grateful to the many contributors to this volume. And once you read it, and recognize the resource that it is – I think you will join me in gratitude.

– P. Douglas Small

Order today!

Volume I includes:
– A Sound Prayer Theology
– Prayer – Approaching God’s Throne
– Prayer – Balancing Intimacy and Immanence
– Imprecatory Prayers
– Historical Perspectives of prayer throughout the entire Bible
– Glimpses into the Church of God History of Prayer

Future volumes include:
– Personal and Family Prayer
– The Church at Prayer
– Intercessory Prayer
– Prayer and Mission