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Fear of God

Reconsidering Our Perspective of God with Spiritual Awakening in View

The call in Scripture for our ‘reverence’ or fear of God is more frequent than the call to ‘love God.’ Without the fear of God, we are blinded by our own shadow, seeing little difference between mortals and the immortal. The more we reverence God, the higher self-worth and self-esteem rise without becoming self-centered, or being blinded by pride and arrogance. Nobility emerges. We see ourselves as God’s children, reflecting His image.

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The Praying Church Made Simple

The purpose of The Praying Church Made Simple is to establish clear beginning points for revitalizing the congregational prayer effort, and to set forth a simple approach to prayer mobilization for the smaller congregation. For decades, the megachurch has been celebrated, but 80 percent of America’s congregations are small and many of those are rural. The greatest need is for materials related to the single-cell church of fewer than 100 members.

This book offers a simple 1-2-3 step process, rich with support and learning materials, designed to aid a small congregation in a quick, but studied, launch of their prayer effort. More than a book, The Praying Church Made Simple is a leader’s guide for a multi-year process to create a culture of prayer in a congregation.

Included with your purchase is a Bonus Resource Download with Companion Book, Perspectives; Rating Sheets; Videos; and PowerPoint File.

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Transforming Your Church into a House of Prayer

It was the desire of Jesus that the Temple be a house of prayer for the nations. Discover seven things that must change if the church is going to embrace a new reformation:

  • The preached Word must also become the prayed Word.
  • Prayer must be modeled by church leadership.
  • We must practice prayer publicly.
  • The practice of corporate prayer should enrich the personal, private, at-home, daily habit of prayer.
  • We need a better theology of prayer.
  • We must embrace the discipline of prayer until we again know the delight of prayer.
  • We need to identify intercessors – those who have a special call to prayer and grace to pray.
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